Healthy living

Healthy Living

Beauty Starts From Within! Can You Promise To Donate $10 To Yourself For Every Pound You Lose ?

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Life is a Gift. It’s up to us, if we want to consider it precious or take it for granted. We don’t know what will happen next moment but we can estimate with our present.

There is a saying “Health is wealth”, it would have been said 100 years ago but it’s value always remain the same. If You loose Money, lose your Job, I know you are brilliant enough you can fix it. But if you lost health, you lost everything, You’r done.

It seems there is trend of all bad habits or we can say negative things attracts faster and clicks quickly compared to the good ones. It seems smoking became fashion in young generation. The fight is not only against Cigarettes, cigars, Hookahs etc. but to other N different mouth watering dish, sweets, sodas, Liquors which is considered as a junk and unhealthy.

Irony is we know but we don’t pay head unless someone kicks our butt.

If we monitor what we consume and think once about what and how much we consume. You are independent and it’s your hard earned money, you are independent on making your own choice. You can give a shit to this, this is not the only article you have read till now but giving a thought on it doesn’t loose a cent out of your pocket. Probably the inspiration that you are looking for could be here.

Everyone hate to visit doctors, taking painkillers etc but we can avoid whole situation by simply monitoring our intake, It’s not hard enough as compared to shedding money for pending medical bills.

Being healthy is nothing but a “habit”. You love ice-creams, you love pizzas, and at some point it becomes a habit, At times, when we don’t feel to have it but if our eyes see that or we pass by to ice cream store our mind triggers the urge to have it.our Mind is programmed already as we have trained it.

Similarly, Being healthy doesn’t mean to skip diets, eat less or workout excessively. Healthy means to program our body our mind in such a way that we could identify what’s right for our body and what’s wrong which can harm or slowly kill us or lead us to some diseases which will in turn take out every joy, happiness, everything from us.

Initially we ignore everything, every advice but when we find our self in a painful situation especially with health related issues then we notice and run through blogs, advices etc.

We spend thousands of dollars on cigs, liqueurs, junk foods and at the end we end up spending money on medicines, treatments to fix the harm caused to the body with those so called fancy habit

Only thing, you have to make yourself a wise promise “to donate yourself” some amount $1,2,5,10 and keep it aside in a safe box and don’t access it. Make a goal, program your brain that you will add that spared amount every time when you say No to cigarette, Liqueur, Junk food and choose to workout, loose unwanted pound from body and eat healthy.

Is it that hard ? If we calculate yearly statistics of money spent on unhealthy items, this is pretty less compared to it and at the end of year you saved a lot and most important a Healthy Life style, which no one would want to lose and prefer to live with it. This is not an investment advice nor a saving strategy to become rich. For that, we all know there are N number of banks, investment agencies to help you park your money.



fake tech support sites

fake tech support sites List

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This is a awareness blog , Just trying to help customers, people and bring awareness to the issues customers are facing in a day-to-day situation. This blog  details & publish the list of scammers, fake tech support sites and businesses who claims to offer TECH SUPPORT facilities to end users and in-turn dupe customers with heavy charges and get payments via credit cards, wire transfer, e-check, ACH etc.

Every one browse sites good ones and craps, no harm in doing it. However, At times, we see jsp screen, pop-up stating “ YOU ARE TRAPPED”, “YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED”, “YOUR COMPUTER HAS VIRUS”, “MICROSOFT MESSAGE”, “APPLE SUPPORT MESSAGE”, Followed by a number. THEY ARE FAKE TECH SUPPORT PROVIDER



Do not call those numbers, I know it gets frustrating to kill that pop-up message and every time you click on X to shut it down, it increments the page counts and you see tons of pages on your computer in less than a minute. If you are not computer savvy, don’t lose hope.

First thing, is to relax. That pop-up is programmed to defeat you  so that you could lose the hope og getting rid of it  and call those scammers. Instead of X out, You can try ctrl – Alt – Del and kill the IE, Mozilla process or process tree or SHUT DOWN your computer. I know it’s frustrating that you will have to go back the same page and open the same topic, video and browse the same content, you fear to lose data.

Remember and say it to yourself, It’s like a pledge to yourself, I am not going to call that number. They are never a part of  Microsoft, Apple, Samsung etc. The Genuine support organization doesn’t inject or ingest your systems or browser s with those pop ups. You can google about them and contact them directly. Customer support is not way too costly and we call the fake companies ourselves to save money and not calling or buying a support from Product Company like Dell, HP, Apple etc. There are no shortcut guys.

Genuine work gives you fruitful result. If someone asks you hundreds of dollars they are FAKE and making money unless it is real product support and technical product support never asks a lot of money.

  • Learn more about them and look for their profile if it’s genuine or not.
  • Plans and solution they offer is listed on their site , Read reviews, customer reviews , business star ratings , B2B compliant etc
  • Verify with their executives if you are at the level where you are on call with executive and they will by-heart tell you what services they will be providing you.

Sometimes, pulling right support becomes nightmare too. Key things before you do business with any company specific related to customer support

1) Learn more about them through their website, don’t get flattered with their FLASHY website, that’s build to attract you.

2) The type of solution you will need and solution package they have listed on their portal

3) Make sure their executives are not making up solution while you talk to them

4) There is a documented solution handy with you in form of emails related to solution you are getting. That solution should match the contents of package they are selling to you

5) Before you randomly sign a E-Agreement, Make sure to read each line written in those agreements.

6) Don’t do ACH, e-check, WIRE. You won’t get it back from your Institution too, By the time you realize that they are fake and you didn’t get what you wanted, You will lose time and in turn money via above system

7) Make credit card payments. Master, Visa organizations gives 6 months of refund time, but has to be genuine.

8) E-software, support is virtual and on documents and charge back companies look at documents only, if the solution provider has documents to prove, you will never get money back after certain period.

9) Don’t just accept remote access requests from solution providers, Always make sure you don’t have critical data on your easily access folders.

List of companies and sites which are FAKE. This blog is hungry for fake sites and companies data who provides tech support and dupe customers. Feel free to send your request and name to add it



3) C cubed solutions pvt ltd


5) fix


Performance test

What is Performance test ?

We talked about how important the load times are for a website to show up for a business.Let’s discuss what is performance test?

Performance testing is method to identify the stability, scalability of system. Performance testing helps us identify if our site is responsive at normal and peak user loads. Usually a website when loads up for the first instance, takes some time to appear up and million thanks to our browsers they have the tendency to capture the cache which keeps them up and running next time it’s requested until the browser cache is cleared.

Unless the website or business is popular, users don’t search them often and site doesn’t get the required user-load or hits which could justify the behavior of responsiveness.

Search engines are smart they run on algorithms, website owners are the first ones who search for themselves in search engines compared to actual users. Whenever user makes a similar search item that gets recorded by the browse, the mac address gets copied in to algorithm and many other details along with it. Please don’t think that no one is watching you. Internet search, Internet police gets a lot of help from these search engines companies.

The context, I wanted to explain here is search engine algorithm if sees repeated search items then, it  start populating those items at the top of the list  to maintain their relevance as well as the algorithm understand that this user search specific search string all the time. For e.g. business owner search for his website in google to identify how they appear in search engines.

Take an example of Google, Gmail, bank sites – apps, retail site like Macy’s, JCP etc. Have we ever seen Google, Yahoo going down they are the top most search sites being used by users million times a day in the world and thousands of times concurrently at any given point and those sites give the response in milliseconds or even in microseconds. We are not going to discuss their server size and capacities. Indeed, that’s far our reach. But, that’s true they optimize their infrastructure to make it versatile. They all do the forecasting of their infrastructure using capacity optimization tools. It’s all about how important and popular the business is in the market.

Let’s discuss a simple website for a startup or small sized revenue generation business. They don’t afford the individual servers and buy their own infrastructure and maintain it. That’s why, all the providers like Godaddy, Hostgator, Hostmonster etc, are in business. Shared infrastructure gives user a space like a folder in the computer to keep the files and these providers take control of system and give read/write access to those folders/directories.

All these hosting sites run very simple checks to see how the site works and loads, if your site is content based and has a lot of content, it will take to more time to load and show up with single user hit.  With concurrent user load chances are, it might break early then expected and they don’t cover it in their hosting plans. Finally, you are screwed

Performance testing is all about  response time of the site with concurrent user load at a given point in the system. There are competitors and different tools available to identify the resource utilization.  Few of the important tests are load test, stress test, and Stability test.

Load test Identify system behavior under normal and peak load conditions with specific concurrent user load in the system at given-point in time

Stress test – To break the system with excessive user load beyond the peak load targets

Stability test To identify how stable the system is under normal and peak load conditions, this is usually executed for longer duration to identify the memory bottlenecks.

So now, we know what are these basic performance tests that one can execute to identify issues in their own systems and website. We will talk further on how to drill down and execute tests on front end website


website design, does loading time matter?

website design, does loading time matter?

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website is the mirror to your business.  Yes! loading time matters a lot.

Your business gets on stake if your website breaks.In real world, user put lot of effort to look for services and a glimpse of your website can steal the show.If your website breaks or has loading issues, performance issues , the potential customer is lost permanently.

website reflects your business, your niche, your data and generates trust in the user. Faster loads, gives user a impression of how reliable you are..

Using custom plugins, importing third party code not only slows down the speed but controls the website data and can ingest viruses in your systems, system files and can lead to data loss or business failures.

Not every designer tests the performance of the website post development. The cost of performance testing gets double then the website designing cost. This is  loop hole and usually this information is hidden with the customers. Only thing matters, to them is billing customer with fancy site on multiple platform.

Hosting platform also has direct relation with performance of the website.

We develop a design which inputs the original code , no connection strings to third party plugins, we performance test the website to identify the culprit.Deep drill at the loading time of Jsp, css, and other files and contents to identify the bottlenecks and give user a scalable website.We perform multiple rounds of load tests on content as well as test the content at multiple geographical locations.

check more at  contact us to give you the best product. we believe in our customer GROWTH!

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