Healthy living

Healthy Living

Beauty Starts From Within! Can You Promise To Donate $10 To Yourself For Every Pound You Lose ?

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Life is a Gift. It’s up to us, if we want to consider it precious or take it for granted. We don’t know what will happen next moment but we can estimate with our present.

There is a saying “Health is wealth”, it would have been said 100 years ago but it’s value always remain the same. If You loose Money, lose your Job, I know you are brilliant enough you can fix it. But if you lost health, you lost everything, You’r done.

It seems there is trend of all bad habits or we can say negative things attracts faster and clicks quickly compared to the good ones. It seems smoking became fashion in young generation. The fight is not only against Cigarettes, cigars, Hookahs etc. but to other N different mouth watering dish, sweets, sodas, Liquors which is considered as a junk and unhealthy.

Irony is we know but we don’t pay head unless someone kicks our butt.

If we monitor what we consume and think once about what and how much we consume. You are independent and it’s your hard earned money, you are independent on making your own choice. You can give a shit to this, this is not the only article you have read till now but giving a thought on it doesn’t loose a cent out of your pocket. Probably the inspiration that you are looking for could be here.

Everyone hate to visit doctors, taking painkillers etc but we can avoid whole situation by simply monitoring our intake, It’s not hard enough as compared to shedding money for pending medical bills.

Being healthy is nothing but a “habit”. You love ice-creams, you love pizzas, and at some point it becomes a habit, At times, when we don’t feel to have it but if our eyes see that or we pass by to ice cream store our mind triggers the urge to have it.our Mind is programmed already as we have trained it.

Similarly, Being healthy doesn’t mean to skip diets, eat less or workout excessively. Healthy means to program our body our mind in such a way that we could identify what’s right for our body and what’s wrong which can harm or slowly kill us or lead us to some diseases which will in turn take out every joy, happiness, everything from us.

Initially we ignore everything, every advice but when we find our self in a painful situation especially with health related issues then we notice and run through blogs, advices etc.

We spend thousands of dollars on cigs, liqueurs, junk foods and at the end we end up spending money on medicines, treatments to fix the harm caused to the body with those so called fancy habit

Only thing, you have to make yourself a wise promise “to donate yourself” some amount $1,2,5,10 and keep it aside in a safe box and don’t access it. Make a goal, program your brain that you will add that spared amount every time when you say No to cigarette, Liqueur, Junk food and choose to workout, loose unwanted pound from body and eat healthy.

Is it that hard ? If we calculate yearly statistics of money spent on unhealthy items, this is pretty less compared to it and at the end of year you saved a lot and most important a Healthy Life style, which no one would want to lose and prefer to live with it. This is not an investment advice nor a saving strategy to become rich. For that, we all know there are N number of banks, investment agencies to help you park your money.



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